In this process, a piece of preheated billet is pushed through a die in a thermocomformed process adopting its new configuration, thus receiving the name “Aluminum Profile”. The design of the extrusion die, or perforation in the matrix is done according to the customer’s specifications – whether geometrical, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The extrusions can be solid, hollow or combined with previously established dimensions that would be otherwise impossible to obtain. The aluminum is extruded hot to increase the metal´s plasticity and cut costs. Conventional extrusion is a “hot” work process; therefore, most profiles must receive thermal treatment in order to increase their resistance (temper).

This is why we are capable of applying thermal treatment to any 6 Series obtaining the temper and mechanical properties requested by the customer, according to his or her needs.

For the extrusion process we have a press of over 500 aluminum tons/month and 7″ diameter, and another one of over 200 tons/month and 4¾” diameter. All of which provides us with a highly competitive production capacity.


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