Powder Coating – Wood Grain Finish

Ready to comply with the markets needs and demands we started applying sublimation processes for painted aluminum. Wood grain finishes are available now bringing up design flexibility to all projects.

It’s designed to accurately resemble authentic wood grain.

Powder Coating enhances our products providing protection against outdoor elements including harmful ultraviolet rays and excellent aesthetic appeal, resulting in a strong protective coating and innovative decoration certifying the products suitability for outdoor use and high resistance to weathering.


Work Cycle

A powder coating of aluminum – based paint is applied to a pre-treated profile of a maximum 7 meters and 3 meters minimum using powder coating product for the sublimatic process in a temperature between 180° c and 200°c.

A second phase is the bagging and aspiration, where the Decoral system Sublimatic films adhere to the area of the extruded profile, bubbles free. Finally, the decoration pattern is sublimated into the coating layer using a heat transfer system at 200° c for 4 minutes.

Limited 5 year warranty

For decoral goodgrain finishes.


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