The Power of Quality

Quality has been our vision since day one.

Following this vision has made it possible for us to grow, produce a wide range of products that exceed expectations, build partnerships and serve as a vital component in hundreds of projects in over 25 countries. It’s a commitment that has allowed us to become global players and provide value to our stakeholders and our community.

Quality is the starting point for everything we do. It’s present in every product that leaves the plant. It drives our detailed process for finding new talent and technology. It’s the idea that unifies our team of engineers, architects, operators, management and sales.

Quality pushes us to develop and deliver better products on time, and to be environmentally friendly in our production of energy-efficient products.

Quality goes beyond our products. For us, it’s also about improving the life of our employees, the community and every person that stands behind each of our products.

We strive to meet architectural needs—including solar control Low-E glass, jumbo formats, curved glass and tempered glass with minimum distortion and iridescence—all in the pursuit of quality.

It’s this vision that allows us to produce the best glass, facades, windows and aluminum systems for every use.


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